Take Advantage of Pollstar's Public (beta) API

Pollstar is pleased to offer a new feature to our customers - The Pollstar Public (beta) API (Application Programming Interface). Now you can utilize the full power of the Pollstar Event database and display Pollstar data on your own website or in your own applications - for free!

API Possibilities

Perhaps you run a local radio station and would like to show a list of regional events on your website as an additional service for your customers. Or maybe you own a venue and - together with our easy to use event submission form - you would like Pollstar to manage your itinerary and feed your data back to your venue web page.

Whatever your needs, the Pollstar API can accommodate them - from simple venue listings to location-based searches for mobile devices and fans on the go!

Let's Get Started!

You can view the formal specification, along with the complete terms of service, by clicking here and to start using it, simply complete the signup form and we will provide you with a key to unlock the necessary methods. That's it!


All API users must display a link to our website - http://www.pollstar.com with the words "Powered by Pollstar" or "Data by Pollstar" on your web page. Additionally, you may not modify any of the hyperlinks included in the result sets.
Pollstar reserves the right to restrict access to the API at any time.

What Is the API?

The API is a subset of the services used to power www.Pollstar.com and is backed by our own intelligent caching mechanism to maximize performance and minimize unnecessary load. All methods return data in XML format.

For example the city results page on Pollstar.com uses the CityEvents method in the API to obtain the data for display.

Click Here to Get Started