Average Ticket Prices
Band Of Horses $39.17      Sia $79.32      Griz $30.59      Culture Club $65.33      "Carnival Of Madness" $32.26      Sandi Patty $26.40      Jon Bellion $22.15      Tegan And Sara $36.45      Tchami $23.59      Catfish And The Bottlemen $21.81      Aesop Rock $18.88      "Honda Civic Tour" $57.79      Jason Aldean $47.28      Dierks Bentley $35.58      Disturbed $35.43      Jimmy Buffett $70.70      Rain - A Tribute To The Beatles $47.44      Kathleen Madigan $35.37      Lettuce $26.11      Steven Curtis Chapman $31.18      Andy McKee $24.04      Michael Franti $43.67      Sting $115.57      Dixie Chicks $66.67      Dark Star Orchestra $29.79      Ben Rector $29.20      5 Seconds Of Summer $52.33      Fitz And The Tantrums $31.18      Wye Oak $18.17      NF $20.38      Alice Cooper $63.72      R. Kelly $79.20      "Weird Al" Yankovic $47.03      Jerry Seinfeld $93.96      The Chris Robinson Brotherhood $25.49      Twenty One Pilots $40.09      G-Eazy $31.42      Slipknot $35.16      Atmosphere $30.75      Bob Dylan $81.03      "Hits Deep Tour" $28.49      Buddy Guy $62.74      Dream Theater $52.51      Brand New $38.56      Justin Bieber $89.50      Joe Walsh $47.41      Brett Dennen $25.86      Shinedown $54.83      Logic $29.59      The Beach Boys $58.27      
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What exactly is Pollstar?
Pollstar is the only trade publication covering the worldwide concert industry. We have been supplying in-depth information to every professional concert promoter, booking agent, artist manager, facility executive and every other entity involved in the live entertainment business for more than 25 years. We produce a weekly print magazine for professionals and publish that information daily to the web via our paid subscription site at PollstarPro.com. Our free Pollstar.com website is for live music fans and contains the same high quality information that industry professionals use daily to route their tours.
What services does Pollstar provide?
POLLSTAR publishes a weekly magazine geared for the concert industry. In addition to our magazine (some of which appears on pollstar.com) we publish six different industry directories. We also offer Artist Tour Histories, Mailing Labels and Concert Industry contact data on disk.
How do I submit my artist band dates?
POLLSTAR tracks major touring acts around the world. We may add local or regional acts to our database as time permits but we do not guarantee the entry of any dates submitted. Artist representatives are always welcome to submit itineraries to our data processing department. Email them to tour_dates@pollstar.com and make sure you include all of your contact details.
How do I find a city schedule?
You can use the Event Search to find Cities as well as Arists and Venues. Simply type in your city (IE: New York, NY) and then click on the city in the results list.
How do I find surrounding cities?
Once you have done a city search, you can include surrounding cities by using the filters to the right of the screen and checking off the box next to "include surrounding cities." The city names do not currently display but the venues will be added to the list. We are still working on fine-tuning the result display for city searches to show a list of nearby cities.
Where do I find my AutoNotify List?
Your AutoNotify list is located under "My Pollstar".
How do I add artists / venues to my AutoNotify list?
You can add artists/venues in two ways:
1. When you are viewing the dates check mark "AutoNotify" under TOOLS and the artist will be added to your list.
2. When you are viewing your search results from "Find An Event" click on the check mark under the "Auto Notify" column. When the check mark is green they are added to your list.
How do I remove artists / venues from my AutoNotify list?
When you are viewing your "My AutoNotify List" simply un-check all AutoNotify options for the artist/venue you wish to remove, next time you go to "My Pollstar" they will no longer be listed.
Is there a limit to the number of artists / venues I can have on my AutoNotify list?
While there is no official limit to the number of artists / venues you can have on your AutoNotify list, there are some technical limits imposed, including a limit of 300 total artists or venues on the RSS feed.
I'm getting "You entered an email address that is not in our database." when I try to do a password recovery; where is my account?
All accounts were not transferred over to the new website. If the website is unable to find your account, you will need to recreate it.
When I do password recovery I'm sent a bunch of random characters and everytime I type it in it tells me the password is invalid!
When you receive the auto-generated password you will need to cut and paste the reset password into the password field. Once you have gained access to your account go to "My Pollstar" and click on "edit profile" and then the change password button to reset your password to something easier for you to remember. The auto-generated password is not meant to be a permanent password only to allow you access to RESET your password.
I'm getting emails about news stories and photos but I just want to be notified about my artist's / venue's tour dates; what's going on?
Each artist/venue has "AutoNotify Options" check marked in green. You can receive updates anytime one of your artist/venues is mentioned in a news story or a new photo is posted of them. If you only wish to be notified about your artist's tour dates un-check the other items for each artist.
Why am I getting notifications for concerts in other countries instead of just my travel area?
This feature is in the works and will be added to the website in the near future.
I would like to only get email once a day in a digest form, how do I set my account to do this?
This can be specified in the "edit profile" section of your MyPollstar page.
How can I get tickets?
POLLSTAR does not sell tickets to any shows. However we do provide links to the primary ticket seller for many shows. Any sales transaction is strictly between you and the ticket vendor. If you have problems or concerns, contact the ticket company's customer service office. Users are not charged any extra fees for buying tickets through any of the links on POLLSTAR.com.
Which bands are playing at the [XXXXX] Festival?
The easiest way to find out is to look at the concert listings for a particular venue on a specific date. For example, if you wanted to know who was playing in the Vans Warped Tour 99, you would search for 'Vans Warped Tour 99' or 'Warped Tour.' Your search result will list all shows and dates related to your search query. So if you were interested in the Houston Show on 8/6/98 at the Astroarena, you'd click on the Astroarena, and then scroll down to that show date. You should now see several bands listed at this venue on that day.
What time does [XXXXXX] start?
POLLSTAR does not keep start times on file. This is best found from the venue or the ticket vendor.
What does private function mean?
A private function, is a date posted by an artist that is not open to the public. You can not buy tickets for such an event, it is intended only to let those who are interested know the whereabouts of an artist.
Can I link to the Pollstar database?
You may link to the POLLSTAR Database in any of the outlined methods described in "Link To Us", provided the following conditions are met: Data gathered from a POLLSTAR query is not altered in presentation or format and the conditions of the Copyright Notice are adhered to.
Can I have Pollstar place a link to my web page?
Links to other websites are limited to our paid advertisers. For more information on advertising on POLLSTAR.com click here.
My favorite artist is not in your database.
My favorite artist is playing at a date you do not list.
If you entered the name correctly it most likely means the artist is not presently on tour. Our on-line concert tour database is updated hourly with the most accurate and up-to-date information available, so check back often and you will know about any additions when they are announced.

You are welcome to visit "tour schedules" in our tour database and sign up to receive an instant email notification when that artist's itinerary is updated or changed. Our Route Book research team retrieves the data from record companies, promoters, venues, managers and agents. This information is never entered into our database until verified by us.

While we take pride in our accuracy and reliability, errors can sometimes occur. If we have some information that is incorrect, please send us an email.
Where does Pollstar get its tour information?
Pollstar gets its information primarily from the agents, managers and promoters who are producing concerts. This often means we have information before a show is "officially" announced locally. Unlike other tour information sites, we employ a staff of more than 25 full-time professionals who do nothing except research and build our tour database. We do not use automated web bots, spiders, crawlers, etc, that can't tell old information from new. Nor do we send our research work overseas to sub-minimum wage workers in Third World countries.
Did you censor my comment?
Our website automatically replaces certain derogatory words with asterisks. If the word is in all caps, it is removed completely.
Why isn't Facebook Connect properly publishing my comments to Facebook?
Try removing Pollstar's Facebook application from your Facebook account's Authorized applictions by logging into Facebook, going to Settings/Application Settings, selecting "Show: Authorized", and then clicking the X to remove the application. This will reset your status on our site as well. Finally, go back to your MyPollstar page, click 'edit profile' and scroll down to the Facebook Connect section. Make sure to complete all three steps in order and click "Save Changes".
How do classified ads/custom tickets and credits work?
On any event's page, under the "Concert Tickets" section you may "list your own tickets, packages, merch, info., website, ad, etc." by purchasing credits in 10-packs ($1/credit) via the "Purchase more credits" link. This will take you to our store to complete your purchase and receive an order number. Then use the "Redeem purchase" link to enter your e-mail address (the one you used on the store) and order number to apply the purchase to your credits balance.
To post a classified listing, you must have one credit per day until the event, since the listing will run uninterrupted until the event has passed. If you are selling a ticket, for example, and want to remove the listing once it's sold, you will have the option to remove your listings and receive a credit refund (not cash) for the remaining days until the event.
You may optionally link to an E-mail address or URL with your classified listing. If you use an e-mail address, it will not be publicly published; instead interested users can contact you through a form on our site and you can decide whether to continue correspondence.
Does Pollstar have an API?
Yes! The Pollstar Public (beta) API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to utilize the full power of the Pollstar Event database and display Pollstar data on your own website or in your own applications - for free!

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