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08:01 AM Tuesday 12/2/08 | |

Life in a Beatles tribute act, guilty plea in UCLA celeb medical records trial, iTunes top sellers and Gavin Rossdale on being Gavin Rossdale in News. AC/DC, Tina Turner, The Kooks, Martha Wainwright, Slipknot and Anita Baker in Views.

News …

Former UCLA Medical Center employee pleads guilty to selling celeb medical records. Health dossiers belonging to Britney Spears and Farrah Fawcett among those hawked - Associated Press

Life in a Beatles tribute act. How would you like to be John Lennon for 20 years? - The Flint Journal / MiLive.com

Coldplay, Leona Lewis among iTunes top sellers for 2008 - Associated Press

Gavin Rossdale on life, kids, being a dad and everything - Fox News

  • Gavin Rossdale

    Hard Rock Café, New York City.
    June 3, 2008

    (AP/Hard Rock International)


Views …

AC/DC in Tacoma, Washington - "In one of the hardest-rocking shows of the year, the Australian band took more than 21,000 fans on a high-decibel thrill ride through its repertoire of head-banging songs Sunday night at the Tacoma Dome." - Seattle Post Intelligencer

Tina Turner in NYC - "The spectacle fans witnessed last night wasn't far removed from one they would have enjoyed at the star's solo peak in the '80s." - New York Daily News

The Kooks in England - "Rock bands often sing about freedom, but there aren't many that identify it with learning the alphabet." - Telegraph U.K.

Martha Wainwright in Edmonton - "In short, despite some deserved commercial success, Martha Wainwright is in no danger of being seen as the least interesting musical member of her particular family." - Edmonton Sun

Anita Baker in Birmingham, Alabama - "A high-level performance marked by passion, conviction and good cheer." - The Birmingham News

Slipknot in London - "Yet there remains something pantomimic about Slipknot: the ridiculous garb, macho posturing and the feel that, despite the surprising amount of adult's in attendance, this isn't music to be taken too seriously." - The Evening Standard / ThisIsLondon.co.uk

They Say It's Their Birthday … (Or so says Associated Press)

John Wesley Ryles is 58
Joe Henry is 48
Rick Savage (Def Leppard) is 48
Nate Mendel (Foo Fighters) is 40
Jimi HaHa (Jimmie's Chicken Shack) is 40
Treach (Naughty By Nature) is 38
Nelly Furtado is 30

  • Nelly Furtado

    Nelly Furtado draws attention to her stylish bob at the Pepsi Coliseum in Indianapolis.
    December 2, 2006

    (Scott Legato / BehindTheBarricade.com)


Britney Spears is 27




  1. Harrington wrote:

    07:04 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    Dude, what's with jumping everybody's ***? Chill. This is a music web site, not your therapy session.

  2. Nobody wrote:

    04:29 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    ashleyz, this sounds like a personal problem, unless you've replaced the now MIA previous hall monitor.

  3. Anonymous wrote:

    04:24 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    Please keep your comments relevant. Inappropriate or purely promotional comments will be removed. Line breaks and paragraphs are automatically converted - no need to use HTML tags.

  4. Nobody wrote:

    04:22 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    my goodness...are we being a bit particular about who is doing the peeing?

  5. Anonymous wrote:

    03:51 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    whoa, who peed in everyone's cornflakes this morning?  i was referring to this because people seem to have a problem with reading:

    Fawcett's attorney, Kim Swartz, said in April that the star's cancer diagnosis and details of her treatment showed up in the National Enquirer after an employee at the hospital accessed her medical records.

    U.S. attorney's spokesman Thom Mrozek said that no charges have been filed against the Enquirer or any other publications, but that the role of the media is part of the investigation into the privacy breaches.

    "Certainly there is possible culpability at media outlets if we can determine that they were knowingly paying for the illegal access of celebrity files," Mrozek said.

    but what point is there in commenting on ANYTHING if it's going to be flung back at you? instead of having fun with the comments and stories, people now have to watch their backs for trolls defecating all over the new Pollstar.

  6. Nobody wrote:

    02:50 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    There certainly seems to be a lot of hostility among the Pollstarati, no?

  7. dogonit wrote:

    02:12 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    HSLono, I guess they are talking about this.....Former UCLA Medical Center employee pleads guilty to selling celeb medical records. Health dossiers belonging to Britney Spears and Farrah Fawcett among those hawked.

    I am with you, HUH?

  8. Scout wrote:

    01:13 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    Good to hear that AC/DC can still rock the arenas. I checked out the prices for their shows here in the bay area. Lets just say my only hope was to win them from the radio. The shows are Tuesday and Thursday. I don't like my chances.

  9. Heavy Metal Infant wrote:

    01:10 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    HSLono, obviously these commenters are too busy with THE FACTS to explain their strange comments.

    That's the problem with America, or something!

  10. HSLono wrote:

    12:05 PM, Dec 02, 2008

    Excuse me? Where is there a National Enquirer story that Ashley is saying they're in deep *** over?

    And pray tell, both of you, are you Pollstar's official "comment on every post" plants?

  11. leona wrote:

    10:47 AM, Dec 02, 2008

    .....you go! ashleyz...maybe hslono will find someone to READ the stories to her.  good gawd....that's the trouble with America...people spewing without knowing the facts.  sorry you confused hslono WITH THE FACTS.

  12. Anonymous wrote:

    10:34 AM, Dec 02, 2008

    i don't know about you, but i read the stories they post about. THAT is what i'm babbling on about. educate yourself.