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Nugent Says The Darndest Things

01:01 PM Wednesday 1/6/10 | |

Ted Nugent has a lot on his mind. During a recent interview, the Motor City Madman said he hates Pam Anderson the most, respects “welfare brats” the least and thinks President Obama should be jailed.

  • Ted Nugent

    Rams Head Live! in Baltimore, Maryland.
    August 26, 2008

    (Owen Sweeney)


And what he wants to do to Bill Maher sounds like it’s straight out of the script for the next “Saw” sequel.

Nugent also mentioned why he moved from his native Michigan to Texas, describing his current stomping grounds as a place “where they don’t rape and pillage my paycheck. And where I can keep a machine gun in the front seat of my vehicle.”

But that’s just one of many comments Nuge made during an interview with Royal Flush Magazine that’s sure to tick off liberals and endear him even more in the hearts of conservatives.

Why does he hate Pam Anderson? Evidently it’s all about the venison.

“My name is Ted Nugent and because of Pam Anderson and because of Bill Maher and because of Paul McCartney, all the members of PETA, whenever I hear the word ‘animal’ or ‘rights’ in the same paragraph, I’m killing an extra hundred of something this year,” the guitar slinger told Royal Flush.

“I have unlimited deer tags in Michigan and Texas, and I don’t even need to kill them really, but I’m going to for Bill Maher. I’m not just killing them I’m f**king slaughtering them and I’m going to gut them and skin them, quarter them and butcher them and feed them to the soup kitchen and homeless shelters of America. Not because I need to, because it will cause Bill Maher to sh*t blood. That’s my goal in life.”

Speaking of the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” Nugent also had some decorating tips.

“I’m gonna take off one of my Deep Vibram sole boots and I’m gonna take out my knife and I’m gonna scrape the remains of dead vermin onto his desk and he can find out where his rights start,” Nugent said. “It’s funnier than Richard Pryor on fire. I’m stymied to come up with anything funnier than people who think animals have rights. Just stick an arrow through their lungs.”

When asked who he respects the least, Nugent answered with, “Pimps, whores and welfare brats are not legitimate job descriptions. Welfare isn’t supposed to be used for hairdos. If you need food stamps, eat the f**king pet.”

But the quote that’s getting media attention is how he responded to the question, “What do you think of Obama?” To which Nugent answered:

“I think that Barack Hussein Obama should be put in jail. It is clear that Barack Hussein Obama is a communist. Mao Tse Tung lives and his name is Barack Hussein Obama. This country should be ashamed. I wanna throw up.”

  • Ted Nugent

    White and blue around the Beloit Riverfest in Wisconsin.
    July 10, 2002

    (Terry Mayer / concertlivewire.com)


Nugent also had a few words for Jann Wenner, saying the Rolling Stone founder should die because the magazine wouldn’t do a story on his 2009 tour. According to Nugent, the lack of coverage was because the guitarist is on the board of the National Rifle Association.

Other comments covered what he would do to trespassers on his property, how hunting is “the last pure perfect function of mankind” and that he’s “the luckiest son of a bitch to ever scare white people with an electric guitar.” It's all pure Nugent and you can read the complete interview by clicking here for Royal Flush Magazine.


  1. Cro~Mag1070 wrote:

    03:36 PM, Aug 18, 2010

     Vegans and liberals are crack headed pusy fucktard butt fuckin aids patients! Ted is his greatest PR man! I like Ted because he's not all PC like everybody else in the entertainment industry, he doesn't sugar coat anything and that really pisses some people off. When you shove reality down peoples throats it sometimes turns them off, but so be it. When it comes to hunting and killing for food this is something that people must see, because meat doesn't grow in a supermarket...something has to die first and this is where Ted's in your face approach is the most appealing to me.

  2. harponius wrote:

    10:33 PM, Jan 10, 2010

    I saw Ted a couple of times in the 70's and in the early 80's... back when he came out and talked with his guitar and proceeded to kick everybody's ass in the meantime. Since then I've seen him a few more times, mostly by default because he was the opener for someone I really wanted to see... and I came away thinking and feeling the same way each time...This guy is a complete and total psycho nitwit from hell. Just exactly who does Ted think  goes to a rock show to have a good time and ESCAPE all the insanity of politics,war and negativity ,that really wants to hear him rave and rant about just that  when he could stretch Stranglehold for a couple more minutes instead. For a guy who supposedly never touched alcohol or other substances in his life...something sure screwed his two brain cells up. Sorry Ted...I was with you when you used to rock...now that you have become just another raving lunatic ultra-conservative who can't shut up...not so much. My suggestion for Ted...call up Rush Limbaugh and Dubya and put you a hot little three piece band together....

  3. SlammingScott C wrote:

    07:46 AM, Jan 08, 2010

    Confrontation sells and Ted is confrontational. But are you telling me at the heart of his rant he does not have some reason to complain? I guess every non meat eating person on the planet will complain about his mouth getting him in trouble. But this is America and Ted can choose to shoot himself in the foot with what he says he believes in or Ted can  have people follow his music, message, rants, and views. If you don't like it don't listen to stations that play his music, turn him off, but do not turn off the constitution and silence him...

  4. jasonmzerbey wrote:

    06:38 AM, Jan 08, 2010

    Y'all might as well bow down now, before the Nuge has to grind you down with his boot.

    Keep whining, you pansies!

  5. Jamian wrote:

    12:18 PM, Jan 07, 2010

    People with extreme views will often change views later in life when they're no longer maintainable. What happens is that they often switch to the complete opposite view, going from one extreme to the other.

    Ted did the same thing.

    Remember in the 70's when he was banging a 17 year old?

    And dodged the draft?

    He also has an illegitimate child... created when he was still with his wife.

    Don't kid yourself, folks... cockiness and assuredness are admirable, but he doesn't have the track record

    to back himself up. There's plenty of good southern people, REAL hard working Americans

    out there busting their asses for their families who are the REAL DEAL...

    these people are inspiring people.

  6. bigsled wrote:

    10:42 AM, Jan 07, 2010

    this is exactly the reason why republicans will lose again in 2012. nobody wants to hear loud mouth, one sided , childish comments. hey freud, there is a reason why you only see him on fox news. he wont go on anything else because he would look like a fool. fox lets there guests say their stupid republican remarks with no rebuttle ,or if they do, scripted rebuttle. myself, bill mahr, keith o, wolfe, george s , chris matthews and just about anyone , thats knows the truth and isnt one sided could make nugent look like a fool. i'll just randomly pick one statement by ted, taxes: you have to pay taxes to fix, roads, have teachers, etc, etc, etc. taxes  is not just about people that dont want to work and want to collect welfare( which in itself is minute in price ..) bush claimed no taxes but spent more than any president in history. how'ed he do it ? charge it on his china credit card. i could go on and on with ted's stupid statements . republicans arent going to be able to hide behind patriotism, taxes, and religon  and spin it  ( like dems dont have it)  anymore . well , maybe some, there are still alot of stupid people out there.

  7. FaithNoMore89 wrote:

    09:16 AM, Jan 07, 2010

    All celebrities, repub or demo, need to keep their mouths shut!

    However, even after reading Ted's rant, and I am a 70's nuge fan, still the worst thing hes ever done is the Damn yankees --what a shite band!

  8. vernieb wrote:

    05:20 AM, Jan 07, 2010

    I'm just gonna enjoy the few real rock stars left in this world....and certainly Ted is one of them!

  9. Freud Was Wrong wrote:

    07:08 PM, Jan 06, 2010

    "Redneck, Lilly-white, Coward, Murderer, kkklown, Court Jester, Teabaggers, Loser, Stupid"  These are the adjectives and names used by "The Informed" commenting on this story to describe Ted Nugnet and other conservatives.  

    Those of you who resort to these tactics do not deserve to be engaged in debate.  Clearly, throwing out inflammatory remarks for the sake of raising hackles is not reserved for the Motor City Madman.  The difference is that he can back up his views with fact and statistics, not gut reactions and emotions.  Climate change is a fallacy, Health Care "reform" in it's current form is a joke and animal "rights" are nonexistent.  

    Feel free to take a step towards reality, and acknowledge that liberalism, socialism and communism, even under the cloak of being renamed "progressive", do not help anything, it merely hinders individual liberty and freedom in general.

    While he may be a bit too aggressive for many (often, even for me), he is right in his essential evaluation of the issues.

  10. bigsled wrote:

    06:08 PM, Jan 06, 2010

    more stupid talk from uncle ted "the loser" .. ted, nobody cares except, fox news, what you have to say. kinda like , nobody cares about your music anymore..  trying to get attention talking like a 10 yr old . ted, you dont offend anyone, anymore. you talk almost as stupid as your girl sarah palin did  during her scripted speeches and her one and only " solo " interview w/ katie before her team told her " no more interviews unless mcCain is next to you to anwser the questions for you" . dems in 2012 guaranteed !!

  11. Elderotto wrote:

    05:47 PM, Jan 06, 2010

    I liked the sex crazed Nuge of the 70's....He should keep his wang danged political views on the shelf before he loses more of his fans.

  12. HoosierDaddy? wrote:

    04:26 PM, Jan 06, 2010

    @ Freud Was Wrong: This is articulate? "I’m not just killing them I’m f**king slaughtering them and I’m going to gut them and skin them, quarter them and butcher them and feed them to the soup kitchen and homeless shelters of America. Not because I need to, because it will cause Bill Maher to sh*t blood." Only if we all lived inside a Tarantino movie my friend.

    On extending "the middle finger to political correctness while wearing a huge grin," did that attitude stop Republicans and Beck-oids from screaming bloody murder when Democrats compared blocking healthcare reform to murder or opposing the abolition of slavery?

    And as far as judging him "by his actions," rabid conservatives and teabaggers would do well to remember that goes both ways before trumping up absurd lies about things like, let's see, climate change, healthcare reform, and on, and on...

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