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Rage Against The Machine To Plug Arizona Boycott

09:01 AM Wednesday 7/21/10 | |

Rage Against the Machine will push for artists and musicians to boycott Arizona because of its new and restrictive immigration law.

The politically outspoken rap-rock band's lead singer, Zach de la Rocha, plans to announce Wednesday that proceeds from a concert in Los Angeles on Friday will go to organizations fighting against Arizona's law.

De la Rocha, guitarist Tom Morello, singer-songwriter Conor Oberst and United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta will also throw their support behind Sound Strike, an artists' boycott of Arizona.

Norteno superstars Los Tigres del Norte, Colombian rock singer Juanes, salsa-ska band Ozomatli and Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Calle 13 have signed on, along with veteran alternative rockers Sonic Youth, rapper Kanye West and the English electronica collaborative Massive Attack.


  1. DeltaSigChi4 wrote:

    12:21 PM, Dec 13, 2010

    Since no one cares about RATM now, that must have been another artist selling out the Hollywood Palladium for the short-notice benefit concert they held for fighting the unconstitutional law in Arizona that left nearly a thousand outside listening without tickets or holding signs all day offering 400%+ of face value for anyone who would re-sell them a ticket. Yep, someone else.


  2. Turnerboy wrote:

    03:08 PM, Aug 22, 2010

    Hey dufus, you dont have any civil rights, when you are illegal, and for your communist manifesto rage against themselves, they can suck a fart out of my ***.

  3. jasonmzerbey wrote:

    11:53 AM, Aug 04, 2010

    Rory B, I guess you missed my post right before yours. Every poll shows Americans and Arizonans are overwhelmingly in favor of this commonsense application of federal law at the state level. Bank robbery and kidnapping are also federal crimes, should the locals stay out of those investigations?

    And your solution would be to run away? That's flippin' genius, please tell me more.

    And by way of smarts, is the fella who said we're a "Hippocratic country" in your camp? Awesome, I think you lose. HA! You even misquoted and incorrectly punctuated "idea's." I'm wasting my time.

  4. GrahamBanks wrote:

    08:22 AM, Jul 22, 2010

    So does RATM never tour in other countries?  As we know, Arizona's new immigration law is not as restricitive as most nations of the world, where prerequisites for immigration include having a valuable skill or trade, and serving a lengthy probationary period before any documents will be issued for work purposes, much less citizenship.  When they come west, do they tour in California, Idaho, or Utah for example.  Their records on human rights aren't so good either!

  5. buffspring wrote:

    07:46 AM, Jul 22, 2010

    is that all we had to do to keep you guys from coming to phoenix.  

    too bad bands like sonic youth (whom i really enjoy) do not understand what they are signing up for or against.  perhaps their intelligent music does not translate literally. sure hope i write this the best i could.

  6. RoryB wrote:

    07:05 AM, Jul 22, 2010

    I see a simple way of determining which side of this argument has more intelligent followers. Simply take a look at the diction and grammar of the people who have commented.

    Also, most of the comments that make so valid point are from the people that are against the idea.

    How do you know "AMERICA AGREES WITH ARIZONA"?

    "Your music and idea's suck"...elaborate.

    "These are horrible child molesters and so are their fans"...need I say more.

  7. jasonmzerbey wrote:

    05:47 AM, Jul 22, 2010

    Rage ruled the 90's and I still love their music. Their politics? A joke, they have fame and fortune because of capitalism, a system they bash for profit. The reunion shows smack of nostalgia and their message is even more irrelevant as people suffer liberal socialist policies.

  8. Cro~Mag1070 wrote:

    09:38 PM, Jul 21, 2010

    I mean who in their right *** mind would ever support the communist agenda, nobody would but if you're a fucktard you will. These are horrible child molesters and so are their die hard fans.

  9. Cro~Mag1070 wrote:

    09:36 PM, Jul 21, 2010

    RATM sucks more than a vacuum.

  10. look up wrote:

    07:17 PM, Jul 21, 2010

    hey moron this country was formed for people who want to come here and work( as you probably dont have a clue in what that is ) not for illegals to come here and to live off of our hard working tax payers  open your eyes  long live arizona, screw RATM there music sucks

  11. rasdubstar wrote:

    06:11 PM, Jul 21, 2010

    The people who have commented on this issue are ignorant people who do not believe in their freedom, in fact by the sound of their comments the are racists. Rage against the Machine's Music is still relevant. The reason why we live in such a Hippocratic country is because these people who leave such insulting comments are still around. Remember what and why  the United States was formed for?? Maybe if you paid attention to US history you would remember... or maybe they are too ignorant..

  12. RoryB wrote:

    05:35 PM, Jul 21, 2010

    The first 3 comments on this were ridiculous. Arizona strips away your civil rights and when somebody fights back you are against it?

    If I lived in Arizona, I'd move away.

    People like you are too busy watching the O'Reilly factor to have any clue whats really going on anyways.