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Stone Roses Officially Back Together

01:01 PM Tuesday 10/18/11 | |

Rumors about The Stone Roses’ reunion were confirmed with a press conference Tuesday and the announcement of the band’s first tour dates in more than 15 years.

The British alternative rock band’s reunited lineup features singer Ian Brown, guitarist John Squire, bassist Gary “Mani” Mounfield and drummer Alan “Reni” Wren. Reuters noted that all four members attended the press conference in London.

  • Ian Brown

    Ian Brown shakes his tambourine at the Glastonbury crowd, near Pilton, England.
    June 26, 2005

    (AP Photo)


The Stone Roses formed in Manchester, England, in 1983 and released its debut, self-titled album in 1989. The group’s second album, Second Coming, was released in 1994. Two years later the band broke up following Squire’s departure in 1996. Reni had quit the band in 1995. 

The first reunion dates are set for June 29-30 in Manchester at Heaton Park. An announcement on the band’s website promises that there are more shows to come as “the dates will form part of an extensive world tour.”

During the press conference Squire pointed to Mani’s mother’s funeral as the event that brought the band back together.

“Everything changed when me and Ian started seeing each other again,” Squire said, according to Reuters. “It was surreal. We went from crying and laughing about the old days to writing songs in a heartbeat.

“I think it’s in some ways a friendship that defines us both and it needed fixing and two phone calls later the band was no longer dead.”

And how long will the reunion last?

Brown said, “We will ride it as long as we can,” according to BBC News.  Reni said he “would be happy with 12 months.”

Brown is putting his solo career on hold during The Stone Roses’ reunion and Mani is giving up his spot in Primal Scream’s lineup to “follow his dream.”

As far as the band’s plans for a third album, Brown said fans will have to wait and see. 

“We hope so, but we said that before didn’t we,” he said, according to Reuters.

Tickets for the Heaton Park shows go on sale Friday.

For more information click here for The Stone Roses’ website.    

Click here for the Reuters story.

Click here for the story from BBC News.


  1. territwi wrote:

    03:48 PM, Oct 22, 2011


    I can't name a single song by Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, does that mean they are nobodies?

    Maybe you sir need to educate yourself on The Stone Roses. Reading an article on an artist/person then stating 'who are they' means you either chose not to read the article or you just troll.

  2. www.soundwisepodcast.com wrote:

    06:28 AM, Oct 22, 2011

    Hmmm....if they're so unknown as a couple of you jacktards have already proposed, then how come they have been ranked one of the top British bands on multiple occasions?   They have only two albums released and have a massive fan base.   Very few one-hit-wonders can say they've done better than these guys.  What difference does it make?   These guys just rock!   Just look at the bottom of this article:  en.wikipedia.org/.../Albums_considered_the_greatest_ever

  3. SCIslanderfan wrote:

    05:35 AM, Oct 22, 2011

    @djbart57 So you're saying that unless you have a "hit" you aren't relevant?That my friend is absurd.How many cds do you own that have a "hit" on it but the rest of the cd sucks?Probably too many to count.Both of the Stone Roses cds have great songs all the way through.Plus they pride themselves on their live shows which are awesome.

    How many "hits" did The Grateful Dead have?Hardly any but their fans still came out to see them because they were a great live band.So love them or hate them,having a "hit" hardly makes a band relevant.It is their fans who decide if the music is good.Having seen The Stone Roses live myself a couple a times,i can tell you that they are an awesome band and it is pretty big news that they are reuniting and  going out on tour

  4. djbart57 wrote:

    12:09 PM, Oct 21, 2011

    The question should not be who are they, but who cares, name one hit.

  5. territwi wrote:

    07:38 AM, Oct 21, 2011

    Hey hoof,

    They sold 165,000 tickets and grossed $20m in ticket sales. Not bad for someone you never heard of.

    I can confirm that Stone Roses have never heard of you though.

  6. RockinInTheFreeWorld wrote:

    07:18 AM, Oct 20, 2011

    You are correct Delta.  Hoofhearted is either a troll or a bigoted conservative who posts diatribes against gays & lesbians (ie: Chaz Bono  being on DWTS), artists who give performances or support for causes and politicians he believes are unworthy of said support , etc...  it's all done to bait people into responding... hmmm, like me.  I guess his posts work.  :)

  7. DeltaSigChi4 wrote:

    02:28 PM, Oct 19, 2011

    Hoofhearted is a troll; figured everyone realised that by now.


  8. LASCENE wrote:

    11:50 AM, Oct 19, 2011

    Probably a blow hard that beats off to Ted Nugent!

    Stone Roses is one of the better bands that emerged out of the Manchester/UK scene.

  9. territwi wrote:

    11:00 AM, Oct 19, 2011

    This is huge! Who the **** is hoofhearted?

  10. moavelli wrote:

    09:42 AM, Oct 19, 2011

    This is HUGE!  Who are they?

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