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Grading Madonna

11:01 AM Monday 2/6/12 | |

How did Madonna’s halftime performance stack up compared to past Super Bowl gigs? That’s for you to decide.

Two thoughts greeted music lovers throughout the world this morning – How great was Madonna at Super Bowl XLVI and how well did she do compared to The Black Eyed Peas, The Who, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Prince, Michael Jackson and everyone else who has had the honor to lay their reputations on the line while performing for a few minutes in front of a worldwide TV audience.

The first poll asks that you grade Madonna’s performance. The second poll asks you to pick the best Super Bowl halftime act … ever!

So get busy. Inquiring minds want to know your answers.


  1. Judson44 wrote:

    07:51 AM, Feb 08, 2012

    I don't belittle other artists, and Madonna is an icon in her own right, but Jackson's performance in 93 has yet to be eclipsed -- for energy, creativity and sheer power to overwhelm.

  2. Susiesaysitright wrote:

    07:49 PM, Feb 07, 2012

    I've watched many Super Bowls, some particularly for the half time performances and, of course, the great commercials.   No half time entertainment  will ever top Michael Jackson's 1993 performance.  Not only did he rock the fans and the TV ratings, but he had a wonderful message to encourage unity in the world.   They'll never be anyone like him again.    

  3. MJ's # ! as always wrote:

    02:25 PM, Feb 07, 2012

    sorry I goofed on my name on here it's supposed to be #1 I can't fix it :(


    MJ's #1! as always

    and who's gaining? lol I love it keep on fans!!!!

    I like Madonna I love her older cd's Like A Virgin and a couple others but she needs to retire and not try to out do Michael because it's never gonna happen, NO ONE will ever beat Michael. and polls like these prove that.

  4. Alessandra wrote:

    09:11 AM, Feb 07, 2012

    Michael Jackson is the best.

    Madonna should retire.

    She is not able to dance.

    His performance was mediocre.

  5. Dressa wrote:

    08:12 AM, Feb 07, 2012

    Michael Jackson's performance was the best Super Bowl.Michael was perfect.Unfortunately, Madonna lost her way to convey the magic of music.

  6. MJ's # ! as always wrote:

    10:21 PM, Feb 06, 2012


    Henry Vaughn

    I hear ya Henry 1000% Michael is still beating them all he's the best

    RIP MJ

    I gave Madonna a C

  7. gregb511 wrote:

    06:54 PM, Feb 06, 2012

    Madonna is passe and year after year whoever picks the half-time entertainment is way off base with their selections.....picking people who are no longer in their prime.   Madonna's big spectacle production was to be expected ...slowed down plenty to allow her to make simple dance movement (without tripping repeatedly) and lip-syncing the entire set.   It was alright "free" entertainment but certainly not cutting edge and rather inappropriate performer for the Super Bowl.  Do football fans strike you as Madonna fans??   M.I.A. give the finger to the audience (that went unnoticed until the press pointed it out) was a great publicity stunt with 100 million people watching.  Most no doubt thought she was a back-up dancer.  She has absolutely NO career but got her three-letter name in the press.    LMFAO given more time would have brought the arena alive with their nutiness but I assume Madonna didn't want to be upstaged.  Could have done without the canned crowd noise in the background too.....it sounded truly fake (which it was).   SUPER BOWL was a great game that was fun to watch.  Someone more valid needs to select the half-time entertainment in the future.   MADONNA's day has come and gone....new album to promote or not....she was not the best choice.

  8. Henry Vaughn wrote:

    06:52 PM, Feb 06, 2012

    Usually when any performer is put up against Michael Jackson, Michael  wins. What would anyone exspect, he's indusputablly the best! BAM!!!!

  9. Evster wrote:

    04:01 PM, Feb 06, 2012

    So many haters out there. I thought Madonna did a great job - about as entertaining as you could expect from a 53-year-old song-and-dance girl.

  10. Trainarollin wrote:

    12:29 PM, Feb 06, 2012

    Madonna reminded me of Madeline Kahn's character in Mel Brooks "History of the World Part 1"  when she was picking out her date from the line up of Gladiators.