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Sun, 01 May 2016 14:32:40 -0700 Pollstar Listings Wednesday 13 E:2882914 Wednesday 13 at The Pin! <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Pin!</a> (Spokane, WA) on Thursday, May 05, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:20:00-07:00 E:2882919 Wednesday 13 et al. at El Corazon <p>Appearing at <a href="">El Corazon</a> (Seattle, WA) on Friday, May 06, 2016</p> 2016-04-29T09:44:00-07:00 E:2882920 Wednesday 13 at Hawthorne Theatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Hawthorne Theatre</a> (Portland, OR) on Saturday, May 07, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:21:00-07:00 E:2882921 Wednesday 13 at The Boardwalk <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Boardwalk</a> (Orangevale, CA) on Sunday, May 08, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:21:00-07:00 E:2859834 Wednesday 13 at Fulton 55 <p><a href="">Wednesday 13</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Fulton 55</a> (Fresno, CA) on Tuesday, May 10, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T12:08:00-08:00 E:2882923 Wednesday 13 at Brick By Brick <p>Appearing at <a href="">Brick By Brick</a> (San Diego, CA) on Wednesday, May 11, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:21:00-07:00 E:2882924 Wednesday 13 at Whisky A Go Go <p>Appearing at <a href="">Whisky A Go Go</a> (West Hollywood, CA) on Thursday, May 12, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:21:00-07:00 E:2882926 Wednesday 13 at Count's Vamp'd <p>Appearing at <a href="">Count's Vamp'd</a> (Las Vegas, NV) on Friday, May 13, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:22:00-07:00 E:2882942 Wednesday 13 at Wekopa Resort & Conference Center <p>Appearing at <a href="">Wekopa Resort & Conference Center</a> (Scottsdale, AZ) on Saturday, May 14, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:29:00-07:00 E:2882954 Wednesday 13 at Jake's Sports Cafe & Backroom <p>Appearing at <a href="">Jake's Sports Cafe & Backroom</a> (Lubbock, TX) on Monday, May 16, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:29:00-07:00 E:2882955 Wednesday 13 at Scout Bar <p>Appearing at <a href="">Scout Bar</a> (Houston, TX) on Tuesday, May 17, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:29:00-07:00 E:2882956 Wednesday 13 at The Korova <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Korova</a> (San Antonio, TX) on Wednesday, May 18, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:29:00-07:00 E:2882957 Wednesday 13 at Trees <p>Appearing at <a href="">Trees</a> (Dallas, TX) on Thursday, May 19, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:29:00-07:00 E:2882958 Wednesday 13 at The Vanguard <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Vanguard</a> (Tulsa, OK) on Friday, May 20, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882959 Wednesday 13 at Fubar Downtown <p>Appearing at <a href="">Fubar Downtown</a> (Saint Petersburg, FL) on Saturday, May 21, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882960 Wednesday 13 at Skully's Music Diner <p>Appearing at <a href="">Skully's Music Diner</a> (Columbus, OH) on Monday, May 23, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882961 Wednesday 13 at Realm <p>Appearing at <a href="">Realm</a> (Toledo, OH) on Tuesday, May 24, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882962 Wednesday 13 at Muncheez Bar and Grill <p>Appearing at <a href="">Muncheez Bar and Grill</a> (Beckley, WV) on Thursday, May 26, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882963 Wednesday 13 at Diesel Concert Lounge <p>Appearing at <a href="">Diesel Concert Lounge</a> (Chesterfield, MI) on Friday, May 27, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:30:00-07:00 E:2882965 Wednesday 13 at Agora Ballroom <p>Appearing at <a href="">Agora Ballroom</a> (Cleveland, OH) on Saturday, May 28, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:31:00-07:00 E:2882966 Wednesday 13 at Wire <p>Appearing at <a href="">Wire</a> (Berwyn, IL) on Sunday, May 29, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:31:00-07:00 E:2883009 Wednesday 13 et al. at Sokol Auditorium / Underground <p>Appearing at <a href="">Sokol Auditorium / Underground</a> (Omaha, NE) on Tuesday, May 31, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:50:00-07:00 E:2883010 Wednesday 13 et al. at Lefty's Live Music <p>Appearing at <a href="">Lefty's Live Music</a> (Des Moines, IA) on Wednesday, June 01, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:50:00-07:00 E:2883011 Wednesday 13 et al. at Sunshine Studios <p>Appearing at <a href="">Sunshine Studios</a> (Colorado Springs, CO) on Thursday, June 02, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:50:00-07:00 E:2883012 Wednesday 13 et al. at The Roxy Theatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Roxy Theatre</a> (Denver, CO) on Friday, June 03, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:51:00-07:00 E:2883013 Wednesday 13 et al. at Independence Ballroom <p>Appearing at <a href="">Independence Ballroom</a> (Grand Junction, CO) on Saturday, June 04, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:51:00-07:00 E:2883014 Wednesday 13 et al. at Metro Bar <p>Appearing at <a href="">Metro Bar</a> (Salt Lake City, UT) on Sunday, June 05, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:51:00-07:00 E:2883015 Wednesday 13 et al. at The Garage <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Garage</a> (London, United Kingdom) on Friday, October 28, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:51:00-07:00 E:2883016 Wednesday 13 et al. at The Garage <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Garage</a> (London, United Kingdom) on Saturday, October 29, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:51:00-07:00 E:2883017 Wednesday 13 et al. at Waterfront <p>Appearing at <a href="">Waterfront</a> (Norwich, United Kingdom) on Saturday, March 25, 2017</p> 2016-04-07T10:52:00-07:00