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Mon, 29 Aug 2016 16:42:20 -0700 Pollstar Listings The Lumineers E:2930820 "X-Fest" (Calgary) at Fort Calgary Historic Park <p>Appearing at <a href="">Fort Calgary Historic Park</a> (Calgary, AB) on Saturday, September 03, 2016</p> 2016-06-10T16:28:00-07:00 E:2930882 "Sonic Boom" (Edmonton) at Borden Park <p>Appearing at <a href="">Borden Park</a> (Edmonton, AB) on Sunday, September 04, 2016</p> 2016-06-10T16:37:00-07:00 E:2878456 The Lumineers et al. at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Blue Hills Bank Pavilion</a> (Boston, MA) on Wednesday, September 07, 2016</p> 2016-08-09T13:09:00-07:00 E:2878457 The Lumineers et al. at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Blue Hills Bank Pavilion</a> (Boston, MA) on Thursday, September 08, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:55:00-07:00 E:2942927 The Lumineers et al. at Mann Center For Performing Arts <p>Appearing at <a href="">Mann Center for Performing Arts</a> (Philadelphia, PA) on Friday, September 09, 2016</p> 2016-08-09T13:11:00-07:00 E:2878458 The Lumineers at Merriweather Post Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Merriweather Post Pavilion</a> (Columbia, MD) on Saturday, September 10, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:12:00-07:00 E:2878459 The Lumineers at Ntelos Wireless Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Sprint Pavilion</a> (Charlottesville, VA) on Tuesday, September 13, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:12:00-07:00 E:2878461 The Lumineers at Koka Booth Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Koka Booth Amphitheatre</a> (Cary, NC) on Thursday, September 15, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:12:00-07:00 E:2878462 The Lumineers at Classic Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Classic Amphitheatre</a> (Richmond, VA) on Friday, September 16, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:12:00-07:00 E:2878463 The Lumineers at Volvo Cars Stadium <p>Appearing at <a href="">Volvo Cars Stadium</a> (Charleston, SC) on Saturday, September 17, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:12:00-07:00 E:2908363 "Music Midtown Festival" at Piedmont Park <p>Appearing at <a href="">Piedmont Park</a> (Atlanta, GA) on Sunday, September 18, 2016</p> 2016-05-12T09:54:00-07:00 E:2878464 The Lumineers et al. at Ascend Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Ascend Amphitheater</a> (Nashville, TN) on Tuesday, September 20, 2016</p> 2016-08-09T13:13:00-07:00 E:2890500 The Lumineers et al. at Ascend Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Ascend Amphitheater</a> (Nashville, TN) on Thursday, September 22, 2016</p> 2016-07-25T14:30:00-07:00 E:2878465 The Lumineers at Louisville Waterfront Park <p>Appearing at <a href="">Louisville Waterfront Park</a> (Louisville, KY) on Friday, September 23, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:13:00-07:00 E:2878466 The Lumineers et al. at Meadow Brook Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Meadow Brook Amphitheatre</a> (Rochester, MI) on Saturday, September 24, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:55:00-07:00 E:2836964 "Life Is Beautiful Festival" at Downtown Las Vegas <p><a href="">"Life Is Beautiful Festival"</a><br /><a href="">Major Lazer</a><br /><a href="">The Lumineers</a><br /><a href="">Flume</a><br /><a href="">Chromeo</a><br /><a href="">Snakehips</a><br /><a href="">Young The Giant</a><br /><a href="">Jimmy Eat World</a><br /><a href="">Duke Dumont</a><br /><a href="">Iration</a><br /><a href="">AlunaGeorge</a><br /><a href="">Hey Marseilles</a><br /><a href="">Atlas Genius</a><br /><a href="">Warpaint</a><br /><a href="">Band Of Skulls</a><br /><a href="">Nothing But Thieves</a><br /><a href="">Jack Garratt</a><br /><a href="">Mr. Carmack</a><br /><a href="">The Wild Feathers</a><br /><a href="">Bishop Briggs</a><br /><a href="">LANY</a><br /><a href="">Autograf</a><br /><a href="">Lewis Del Mar</a><br /><a href="">Third Eye Blind</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Downtown Las Vegas</a> (Las Vegas, NV) on Sunday, September 25, 2016</p> 2016-02-02T16:35:00-08:00 E:2878467 The Lumineers et al. at Austin360 Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Austin360 Amphitheater</a> (Austin, TX) on Thursday, September 29, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:55:00-07:00 E:2878468 The Lumineers at Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Oklahoma City Zoo Amphitheatre</a> (Oklahoma City, OK) on Friday, September 30, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:13:00-07:00 E:2878469 The Lumineers et al. at Walmart AMP <p>Appearing at <a href="">Walmart AMP</a> (Rogers, AR) on Saturday, October 01, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:55:00-07:00 E:2878470 The Lumineers et al. at Comerica Theatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Comerica Theatre</a> (Phoenix, AZ) on Tuesday, October 04, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T09:55:00-07:00 E:2878471 The Lumineers et al. at Hollywood Bowl <p>Appearing at <a href="">Hollywood Bowl</a> (Los Angeles, CA) on Wednesday, October 05, 2016</p> 2016-04-01T10:05:00-07:00 E:2930884 The Lumineers et al. at Greek Theatre At UC Berkeley <p>Appearing at <a href="">Greek Theatre At UC Berkeley</a> (Berkeley, CA) on Thursday, October 06, 2016</p> 2016-07-09T12:20:00-07:00 E:2942929 The Lumineers et al. at Greek Theatre At UC Berkeley <p>Appearing at <a href="">Greek Theatre At UC Berkeley</a> (Berkeley, CA) on Friday, October 07, 2016</p> 2016-07-09T12:20:00-07:00 E:2957422 The Lumineers at 3Arena <p>Appearing at <a href="">3Arena</a> (Dublin, Ireland) on Wednesday, October 26, 2016</p> 2016-07-18T11:26:00-07:00 E:2872230 The Lumineers at Heineken Music Hall <p><a href="">The Lumineers</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Heineken Music Hall</a> (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on Monday, November 07, 2016</p> 2016-03-23T15:22:00-07:00 E:2890138 The Lumineers at Salle Pleyel <p>Appearing at <a href="">Salle Pleyel</a> (Paris, France) on Tuesday, November 08, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T10:13:00-07:00 E:2890501 The Lumineers at Schlachthof <p>Appearing at <a href="">Schlachthof</a> (Wiesbaden, Germany) on Friday, November 11, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T12:20:00-07:00 E:2982417 Jake Bugg / The Lumineers at Rockhal <p>Appearing at <a href="">Rockhal</a> (Esch Alzette, Luxembourg) on Saturday, November 12, 2016</p> 2016-08-23T16:37:00-07:00 E:2890502 The Lumineers at Mehr! Theater Am Grossmarkt <p>Appearing at <a href="">Mehr! Theater Am Grossmarkt</a> (Hamburg, Germany) on Monday, November 14, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T12:20:00-07:00 E:2887230 The Lumineers at Tempodrom <p>Appearing at <a href="">Tempodrom</a> (Berlin, Germany) on Tuesday, November 15, 2016</p> 2016-04-13T10:10:00-07:00 E:2887228 The Lumineers at The Palladium <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Palladium</a> (Warsaw, Poland) on Thursday, November 17, 2016</p> 2016-04-13T10:10:00-07:00 E:2890505 The Lumineers at Lucerna Grand Hall <p>Appearing at <a href="">Lucerna Grand Hall</a> (Prague, Czech Republic) on Sunday, November 20, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T12:21:00-07:00 E:2890503 The Lumineers at Kesselhaus <p>Appearing at <a href="">Kesselhaus</a> (Munich, Germany) on Tuesday, November 22, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T12:21:00-07:00 E:2890504 The Lumineers at Fabrique <p>Appearing at <a href="">Fabrique</a> (Milan, Italy) on Friday, November 25, 2016</p> 2016-04-18T12:21:00-07:00 E:2887229 The Lumineers at Estragon Club <p>Appearing at <a href="">Estragon Club</a> (Bologna, Italy) on Saturday, November 26, 2016</p> 2016-04-13T10:10:00-07:00 E:2983875 "Bluesfest" (Byron Bay, AUS) at Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm <p>Appearing at <a href="">Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm</a> (Tyagarah, Australia) on Friday, April 14, 2017</p> 2016-08-24T14:01:00-07:00