Chunk! No Captain Chunk! RSS feed providing the latest events from the database.For information on how to use Pollstar data on your website, please contact us for information on our API 2011 Pollstar. All rights reserved. Wed, 07 Oct 2015 09:00:11 -0700 Pollstar Listings Chunk! No Captain Chunk! E:2751079 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at De Klinker <p>Appearing at <a href="">De Klinker</a> (Aarschot, Belgium) on Tuesday, October 13, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T12:28:00-07:00 E:2751078 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Patronaat <p>Appearing at <a href="">Patronaat</a> (Haarlem, Netherlands) on Wednesday, October 14, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T12:27:00-07:00 E:2751076 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Logo <p>Appearing at <a href="">Logo</a> (Hamburg, Germany) on Thursday, October 15, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T12:26:00-07:00 E:2751075 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Matrix <p>Appearing at <a href="">Matrix</a> (Bochum, Germany) on Friday, October 16, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T12:25:00-07:00 E:2669178 "Vans Warped Tour UK" at Alexandra Palace <p><a href="">"Vans Warped Tour UK"</a><br /><a href="">Black Veil Brides</a><br /><a href="">Asking Alexandria</a><br /><a href="">August Burns Red</a><br /><a href="">Memphis May Fire</a><br /><a href="">In Hearts Wake</a><br /><a href="">Reel Big Fish</a><br /><a href="">Young Guns</a><br /><a href="">Anti-Flag</a><br /><a href="">Attila</a><br /><a href="">The Rocket Summer</a><br /><a href="">Metro Station</a><br /><a href="">Chunk! No Captain Chunk!</a><br /><a href="">Ghost Town</a><br /><a href="">The Word Alive</a><br /><a href="">Rob Lynch</a><br /><a href="">The Fearless Vampire Killers</a><br /><a href="">Blitz Kids</a><br /><a href="">Forever Came Calling</a><br /><a href="">Trophy Eyes</a><br /><a href="">Roam</a><br /><a href="">Tigress</a><br /><a href="">Creeper</a><br /><a href="">The One Hundred</a><br /><a href="">John Coffey</a><br /><a href="">Twin Wild</a><br /><a href="">Allusondrugs</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Alexandra Palace</a> (London, United Kingdom) on Sunday, October 18, 2015</p> 2015-09-11T11:53:00-07:00 E:2751033 "Bazooka Rocks Festival" at SMX Convention Center <p>Appearing at <a href="">SMX Convention Center</a> (Pasay City, Philippines) on Saturday, November 28, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T12:25:00-07:00 E:2750995 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Temple @ The Institute <p>Appearing at <a href="">Temple @ The Institute</a> (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on Thursday, December 03, 2015</p> 2015-10-05T11:26:00-07:00 E:2739385 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Bodega Social Club <p><a href="">Chunk! No Captain Chunk!</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Bodega Social Club</a> (Nottingham, United Kingdom) on Friday, December 04, 2015</p> 2015-09-17T15:57:00-07:00 E:2739388 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at The Key Club <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Key Club</a> (Leeds, United Kingdom) on Saturday, December 05, 2015</p> 2015-09-17T15:57:00-07:00 E:2739389 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Think Tank? <p>Appearing at <a href="">Think Tank?</a> (Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom) on Sunday, December 06, 2015</p> 2015-09-17T15:57:00-07:00 E:2739386 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at Sound Control <p><a href="">Chunk! No Captain Chunk!</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Sound Control</a> (Manchester, United Kingdom) on Tuesday, December 08, 2015</p> 2015-09-17T15:57:00-07:00 E:2739387 Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! at The Globe <p><a href="">Chunk! No Captain Chunk!</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">The Globe</a> (Cardiff, United Kingdom) on Wednesday, December 09, 2015</p> 2015-09-17T15:57:00-07:00