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Mon, 27 Jun 2016 23:07:53 -0700 Pollstar Listings Matisyahu E:2916095 Matisyahu at Babylon <p>Appearing at <a href="">Babylon</a> (Bratislava, Slovakia) on Tuesday, June 28, 2016</p> 2016-05-20T16:38:00-07:00 E:2910542 "Fusion Festival" at Fusion Festival Grounds <p>Appearing at <a href="">Fusion Festival Grounds</a> (Larz, Germany) on Thursday, June 30, 2016</p> 2016-05-16T10:01:00-07:00 E:2900736 "Au Foin de la Rue" at Au Foin de la Rue Festival Grounds <p>Appearing at <a href="">Au Foin de la Rue Festival Grounds</a> (St. Denis de Gatines, France) on Friday, July 01, 2016</p> 2016-05-03T09:24:00-07:00 E:2759746 "Summerjam Festival" at Fuhlinger See <p>Appearing at <a href="">Fuhlinger See</a> (Cologne, Germany) on Saturday, July 02, 2016</p> 2015-10-15T11:22:00-07:00 E:2841947 "Sunsplash" at Arena Vienna <p>Appearing at <a href="">Arena Vienna</a> (Vienna, Austria) on Sunday, July 03, 2016</p> 2016-04-07T10:56:00-07:00 E:2858966 311 et al. at Barleycorn's <p>Appearing at <a href="">Barleycorn's</a> (Wichita, KS) on Tuesday, July 05, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:46:00-08:00 E:2858967 311 et al. at Crossroads-KC <p>Appearing at <a href="">Crossroads-KC</a> (Kansas City, MO) on Wednesday, July 06, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858968 311 et al. at FirstMerit Bank Pavilion @ Northerly Island <p>Appearing at <a href="">FirstMerit Bank Pavilion @ Northerly Island</a> (Chicago, IL) on Friday, July 08, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2916097 Matisyahu at Lafayette Theater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Lafayette Theater</a> (Lafayette, IN) on Saturday, July 09, 2016</p> 2016-05-20T16:38:00-07:00 E:2682116 "Summerfest" at Henry Maier Festival Park <p><a href="">"Summerfest"</a><br /><a href="">311</a><br /><a href="">Femi Kuti</a><br /><a href="">Jana Kramer</a><br /><a href="">Matisyahu</a><br /><a href="">Paul Cebar Tomorrow Sound</a><br /><a href="">On An On</a><br /><a href="">Jesus On The Mainline</a><br /><a href="">Pet Engine</a><br /><a href="">R.A.S. Movement</a><br /><a href="">Oques Grasses</a><br /><a href="">Horizon</a><br /><a href="">The Whiskeybelles</a><br /><a href="">Kirk Franklin</a><br /><a href="">Ryan Adams</a><br /><a href="">Chase Rice</a><br /><a href="">Runaway June</a><br /><a href="">Reckless Remedy</a><br /><a href="">Substitute;Tales From The Who</a><br /><a href="">Daniel Amedee </a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Henry Maier Festival Park</a> (Milwaukee, WI) on Sunday, July 10, 2016</p> 2015-07-07T16:55:00-07:00 E:2852652 311 et al. at Freedom Hill Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Freedom Hill Amphitheatre</a> (Sterling Heights, MI) on Tuesday, July 12, 2016</p> 2016-02-26T10:11:00-08:00 E:2858969 311 et al. at Jacobs Pavilion At Nautica <p>Appearing at <a href="">Jacobs Pavilion At Nautica</a> (Cleveland, OH) on Wednesday, July 13, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858970 311 et al. at Stone Pony Summer Stage <p>Appearing at <a href="">Stone Pony Summer Stage</a> (Asbury Park, NJ) on Friday, July 15, 2016</p> 2016-06-08T12:04:00-07:00 E:2858971 311 et al. at The Amphitheater At Coney Island Boardwalk <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Amphitheater At Coney Island Boardwalk</a> (Brooklyn, NY) on Saturday, July 16, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T16:14:00-08:00 E:2858972 311 et al. at Maine State Pier <p>Appearing at <a href="">Maine State Pier</a> (Portland, ME) on Sunday, July 17, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858973 311 et al. at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom <p>Appearing at <a href="">Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom</a> (Hampton Beach, NH) on Tuesday, July 19, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858974 311 et al. at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Blue Hills Bank Pavilion</a> (Boston, MA) on Wednesday, July 20, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858975 311 et al. at Festival Pier At Penn's Landing <p>Appearing at <a href="">Festival Pier</a> (Philadelphia, PA) on Friday, July 22, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2858976 311 et al. at The Fillmore Silver Spring <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Fillmore Silver Spring</a> (Silver Spring, MD) on Saturday, July 23, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2885524 Matisyahu at Red Hat Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Red Hat Amphitheater</a> (Raleigh, NC) on Sunday, July 24, 2016</p> 2016-04-12T08:34:00-07:00 E:2858977 311 et al. at St. Augustine Amphitheatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">St. Augustine Amphitheatre</a> (Saint Augustine, FL) on Tuesday, July 26, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2859019 311 et al. at Sunset Cove Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Sunset Cove Amphitheater</a> (Boca Raton, FL) on Wednesday, July 27, 2016</p> 2016-04-12T08:46:00-07:00 E:2925879 "Mayjah Rayjah" (Maui) at Maui Arts & Cultural Center <p>Appearing at <a href="">Maui Arts & Cultural Center</a> (Kahului, HI) on Friday, July 29, 2016</p> 2016-06-07T09:56:00-07:00 E:2925888 "Mayjah Rayjah" (Honolulu) at Waikiki Shell <p>Appearing at <a href="">Waikiki Shell</a> (Honolulu, HI) on Saturday, July 30, 2016</p> 2016-06-07T09:59:00-07:00 E:2859067 311 / Sublime With Rome et al. at Austin360 Amphitheater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Austin360 Amphitheater</a> (Austin, TX) on Friday, August 05, 2016</p> 2016-03-14T12:19:00-07:00 E:2859070 311 / Sublime With Rome et al. at Gexa Energy Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">Gexa Energy Pavilion</a> (Dallas, TX) on Saturday, August 06, 2016</p> 2016-03-14T12:20:00-07:00 E:2859072 311 / Sublime With Rome et al. at The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion</a> (The Woodlands, TX) on Sunday, August 07, 2016</p> 2016-03-14T12:20:00-07:00 E:2916102 Matisyahu at Sunshine Theatre <p>Appearing at <a href="">Sunshine Theater</a> (Albuquerque, NM) on Tuesday, August 09, 2016</p> 2016-05-20T16:43:00-07:00 E:2916104 Matisyahu at The Marquee <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Marquee</a> (Tempe, AZ) on Wednesday, August 10, 2016</p> 2016-05-20T16:43:00-07:00 E:2858978 311 et al. at Hollywood Palladium <p>Appearing at <a href="">Hollywood Palladium</a> (Hollywood, CA) on Friday, August 12, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2917781 311 / Matisyahu at Del Mar Racetrack <p>Appearing at <a href="">Del Mar Racetrack</a> (Del Mar, CA) on Saturday, August 13, 2016</p> 2016-05-24T12:26:00-07:00 E:2858979 311 et al. at SF Masonic <p>Appearing at <a href="">SF Masonic</a> (San Francisco, CA) on Sunday, August 14, 2016</p> 2016-03-07T09:33:00-08:00 E:2910776 Matisyahu at Ace Of Spades <p>Appearing at <a href="">Ace Of Spades</a> (Sacramento, CA) on Tuesday, August 16, 2016</p> 2016-05-16T11:47:00-07:00 E:2933770 Matisyahu at The Broadberry <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Broadberry</a> (Richmond, VA) on Thursday, August 25, 2016</p> 2016-06-15T10:51:00-07:00 E:2933772 Matisyahu at The Orange Peel <p>Appearing at <a href="">The Orange Peel</a> (Asheville, NC) on Friday, August 26, 2016</p> 2016-06-15T10:53:00-07:00 E:2933780 Matisyahu at Jefferson Theater <p>Appearing at <a href="">Jefferson Theater</a> (Charlottesville, VA) on Tuesday, August 30, 2016</p> 2016-06-15T10:56:00-07:00 E:2933782 Matisyahu at Kelly's <p>Appearing at <a href="">Kelly's</a> (Nags Head, NC) on Thursday, September 01, 2016</p> 2016-06-15T10:56:00-07:00 E:2933791 Matisyahu at Ziggy's By The Sea <p>Appearing at <a href="">Ziggy's By The Sea</a> (Wilmington, NC) on Friday, September 02, 2016</p> 2016-06-15T11:02:00-07:00 E:2903490 "Closer To The Sun" at Now Sapphire Resort <p>Appearing at <a href="">Now Sapphire Resort</a> (Cancun, Mexico) on Wednesday, December 14, 2016</p> 2016-05-05T12:01:00-07:00