Chiodos RSS feed providing the latest events from the database.For information on how to use Pollstar data on your website, please contact us for information on our API 2011 Pollstar. All rights reserved. Mon, 22 Dec 2014 14:54:43 -0800 Pollstar Listings Chiodos E:2533816 Chiodos at TAB <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">TAB</a> (Singapore, Singapore) on Sunday, January 25, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:12:00-08:00 E:2533817 Chiodos at Rock Pub <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Rock Pub</a> (Bangkok, Thailand) on Tuesday, January 27, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:12:00-08:00 E:2533818 Chiodos at The Hi-Fi <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">The Hi-Fi</a> (Brisbane, Australia) on Thursday, January 29, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:12:00-08:00 E:2533819 Chiodos at Factory Theatre <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Factory Theatre</a> (Marrickville, Australia) on Friday, January 30, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:12:00-08:00 E:2533820 Chiodos at Corner Hotel <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Corner Hotel</a> (Richmond, Australia) on Saturday, January 31, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:12:00-08:00 E:2533821 Chiodos at Brisbane Hotel <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Brisbane Hotel</a> (Hobart, Australia) on Sunday, February 01, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:13:00-08:00 E:2533822 Chiodos at Fowlers Live <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Fowlers Live</a> (Adelaide, Australia) on Tuesday, February 03, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:13:00-08:00 E:2533823 Chiodos at Amplifier Bar <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Amplifier Bar</a> (Perth, Australia) on Wednesday, February 04, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:13:00-08:00 E:2533824 Chiodos at Club Quattro <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Club Quattro</a> (Tokyo, Japan) on Saturday, February 07, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:13:00-08:00 E:2533869 Chiodos at Muse Hall <p><a href="">Chiodos</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Muse Hall</a> (Osaka, Japan) on Sunday, February 08, 2015</p> 2014-12-12T11:48:00-08:00 E:2540211 NOFX et al. at Tempe Beach Park <p><a href="">NOFX</a><br /><a href="">A Day To Remember</a><br /><a href="">The Used</a><br /><a href="">Falling In Reverse</a><br /><a href="">Memphis May Fire</a><br /><a href="">Chiodos</a><br /><a href="">Rancid</a><br /><a href="">The Offspring</a><br /><a href="">The Vandals</a><br /><a href="">Strung Out</a><br />Appearing at <a href="">Tempe Beach Park</a> (Tempe, AZ) on Saturday, April 04, 2015</p> 2014-12-22T14:04:00-08:00