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The Soapbox Wilmington, NC
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  1. dantemm wrote:

    09:26 PM, Jul 12, 2009

    REVIEW: King’s X @ Berbati’s Pan (Portland, OR – 6/8/09) FULL REVIEW & PICTURES at: http://jazzsick.wordpress.com/2009/06/09/kings-x-2009/ So… King’s X? Where do I start. They’ve been a band for 26 or 27 years. I’ve been a fan of theirs since 1994. I see them every time they come through my town (16th time in 15 years). I’ve seen them in 6 or 7 states (mostly Ohio), but this is first time to see them in Oregon for me. It was only last August that I saw them open up for Extreme in Cincinnati, and they haven’t put out anything new since that show. Honestly, though, it really doesn’t matter. It’s King’s X… Doug, Ty & Jerry. They are a must see show, any time, any place!! I showed up late for the show; so I can’t speak to the rockin’ (or not rockin’) of the openers Orange Sky & Quandry. If history tells me anything, the openers were good but not phenomenal*. I had other work-related plans, and I couldn’t make it to the venue in time. *- A good/great opener in days of yore is a band like Podunk. Also, re: “openers,” I wouldn’t put Galactic Cowboys in that category. They’re more like “peers”… and were always a great lead in to King’s X. For the most part, other openers for KX were OK, but usually just delayed KX starting time by more than I normally cared for… I mean that in no disrespect to the openers tonight. Had it not been a rough day of work, I’d have done my best to make it for your sets. Seriously. I showed up right at 11pm, and King’s X were deep into their third song (per the door guy). So, for those keeping track at home, file that under “whoops… messed that one up.” My guess is that they started with “Groove Machine.” Regardless of my missing the intro, King’s X put on a great show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it… a little bit of feedback and a low ceiling’ed venue, but I got to move around a bit and snap some shots from several angles. No videos… I imagine it’d be too much feedback for the camera. Setlist: thanks for the setlist additions * Groove Machine {thanks, bishopjso} * Pleiades {thanks, bn} * Visions * Move (*a fave of night*) * What Is This? * Black Flag * Lost in Germany * Pray for Me (no offense, but a non-fave) * Dogman (*a fave of night*) * Go Tell Someone (no offense, but a non-fave) * Summerland * Looking for Love (*a fave of night*) * Over My Head * Encore: It’s Love * We Were Born to Be Loved (*a fave of night*) Fantastic show… once again. Doug, Ty & Jerry are a joy to see. I hope they’re making music for many more years to come. Doug’s preachin’ during “Over My Head” had a new slant… “It’s a terrible thing to do what you don’t want to do for the rest of your life.” I’m glad that Doug didn’t get stuck being a choirboy for the rest of his life. Oh, and Ty’s “Over My Head” solo was smoking!!!! It was one of the few instances where I wish I had been taping… Wishes for the evening… maybe switch out “GTS” and “P4M” with “Cigarettes” and “A Box.” But all in all, I’m glad that they’re still making music and still touring. I figure, beggars can’t be choosers. I saw a great show by some great musicians… yet again. ~Dan http://jazzsick.wordpress.com/

  2. concertconfessions.com wrote:

    11:33 AM, Jul 08, 2009

    King’s X is one of my favorite band, and even with Dug being under the weather and Ty having major sound issues which delayed the start of the show by 30 mins this Texas three piece did not disappoint. Playing both new songs like “Move” and classics such as “Dogman” & “Lost In Germany” the powerhouse band blew the roof off of the Key Club. It’s always a treat to see these world class musicians and truly down to earth gentlemen live. Go before it’s too late. For photos and additional observations of this show, please visit the URL that makes up my pollstar user name.

  3. dantemm wrote:

    08:41 PM, Jan 20, 2009

    REVIEW: King’s X & Extreme @ Union Center Blvd Bash (Cincinnati, OH - - 8/10/08) My wife thinks I’m crazy. I think I agree. I used SkyMiles to fly from Eugene, OR, to Cincinnati, OH, to see two rock bands. I don’t do this often (fly somewhere for a show). Anyway, this time it was for two bands I’ve liked for 15-20 years: King’s X and Extreme. While I love King’s X, I’ve seen them a bunch and they tour a bunch; so the main reason to fly was to see Extreme* - - who broke up 12 years ago. *- Extreme is much more than that “More Than Words” band (or that “Beethoven jamming in the mall on Bill & Ted’s” band). They wrote great rock songs, great guitars & insightful lyrics, and bordered on art rock in many cases, i.e.- the IIIrd Side (unofficially) starting with “God Isn’t Dead?” and moving into the 23-minute, three-part with orchestration, epic “Everything Under The Sun” on III Sides to Every Story. “Everything Under the Sun” is most likely my 2nd favorite song ever written (Kevin Moore’s “Space-Dye Vest” being #1). The closest this double-bill tour was coming to me (in Eugene, OR) was Las Vegas… which would mean expensive ticket, expensive hotel, expensive meals, and a city that I find kinda boring (unless you add an expensive Cirque du Soleil show). With that being said, a FREE show with a brother within 2 miles of the festival with a FREE bed to sleep in made this one too good to pass up. [Thanks, David & Alicia!] The day started with a yummy vegan biscuits & gravy brunch at MELT in lovely Northside and ended with Nuno Bettencourt wailing on guitar in West Chester (home of the Union Center Boulevard Bash). Well, on to the show… This was my 15th time seeing King’s X. Did I mention I like them? The only thing that’s kept me away from one of their shows within a 200 mile radius would be a wedding. My own wedding. :) Anyway, they put on a great show tonight. Doug Pinnick, Ty Tabor, and Jerry Gaskill are the epitome of a power trio. They put out a wall of sound, heavy, chunky, yet melodic. They were scheduled to play 45 minutes (the ills of a free festival opening slot), but they got a good hour and change to play. Great crowd response, and kudos from Nuno & Co later in the evening. They put on a great set, as usual. And a friend from Nashville texted me unexpectedly while at the show. [It was great to see you, WalruSteve!] King’s X Setlist: * Groove Machine * Alright * Rocket Ship * Black Flag * Move * Dogman (one of my favs of the set) * Pray (with Doug on 12-string bass) * We Were Born to Be Loved * Go Tell Somebody * Looking for Love (one of my favs of the set) * Over My Head * Encore: King The spiritually searching lyrics to “Looking for Love” has been a mantra of some sort for me since way back in ‘96; so it’s always good when that’s in the set. Doug seemed to be in pretty good spirits. Ty’s hair kept blowing in his face, but that didn’t stop him shreddin’ up the frets. Jerry was killin’ the skins, as usual. The sun was beatin’ down on the band, but they muscled through. Here’s hopin’ this Extreme tour helps them bring some new fans on board. As for Extreme… This was my 2nd time seeing them. I saw them on their Waiting for the Punchline Tour in 1995 (@ Bogart’s in Cincinnati). They broke up shortly afterwards, as Nuno Bettencourt went on to do some solo stuff and Gary Cherone went on to join Van Halen (which turned out to be a poor choice… as, you know, Van Halen sucks ass). Anyway, when Extreme broke up, it was truly amicable. The band had run its course, the landscape of music wasn’t all that into hardrock with solos (but rather flannel and apathy rockin’ the suburbs), and the guys in Extreme all had different opportunities. A reunion was always a possibility, it was just a function of time… They had their new CD (Saudades de Rock) at the show… even though it doesn’t come out until Tuesday. Only $10, too. Rock on!! Extreme ripped up the stage for almost two hours, playing a good mix of old songs, new songs, hits, fan favs… KFigg did a great job filling in Paul Geary’s drum “shoes.” Pat Badger’s bass playing was superb. Gary’s voice was on. Nuno was Nuno (i.e.- God) — meedley-meedley-meeeeeeeeeeee (Strongbad Email link)… Extreme X Setlist: * IIIrd Side Intro Music (strings) * Decadence Dance * Comfortably Dumb (new one) * Rest In Peace (one of my favs of the set) * Star (new one, with Star-Spangled Banner outro) * Tell Me Something I Don’t Know * 1989 medley: Kid Ego / Little Girls / Teacher’s Pet / Play With Me (Nuno’s solo ripped — one of my favs of the set) * Midnight Express (instrumental — one of my favs of the set) * More Than Words * Ghost (new one, Nuno on piano) * Cupid’s Dead * Take Us Alive * Am I Ever Gonna Change? (one of my favs of the set) * Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee (Nuno’s guitar-only take on Tchaikovsky — one of my favs of the set) * Get the Funk Out (one of my favs of the set) * Encore: Hole Hearted (one of my favs of the set) * Communication Breakdown [Led Zeppelin] Overall… fuppin’ awesome! I am crazy for music, but I love being crazy. :) Being crazy is what keeps me sane. I took a bunch of pictures of both bands. FULL REVIEW with tons of PICTURES of both bands: http://jazzsick.wordpress.com/2008/08/10/kings-x-and-extreme-08/ ~Dan


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